Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some questions and answers about FinditQuick Daily Deals.

What is FinditQuick Daily Deals?

Our daily deals have amazing discounts for local businesses such as restaurants, salons, spas, events and more. We supply all the great discounts and all you have to do is purchase them. It’s that simple!

Do I have to sign up a group of people to get the deal?

Nope, you can get the deal just by signing up yourself. Although, getting family and friends to sign up is a great way for everyone to benefit from the FinditQuick Daily Deals.

I like today's FinditQuick Daily Deal. How do I get it?

This is the simple part! Just click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase the deal. Of course, you must have a FinditQuick Daily Deals account first before purchasing. You will be taken to our shopping cart page where you can select the number of vouchers you would like to buy.

Do I need to use my FinditQuick Daily Deal coupon the same day I buy it?

No. Each daily deal has an expiration date on the deal page before you purchase it.

When can I use my voucher after purchase?

Your Deal voucher will be ready to use as soon as you purchase it. You can print it from the admin panel and we also email it to you right away.

How do I find my voucher?

Login to your account and then look for My Deals then click  "View All" link.  When you click view all you will see a list of all deals you have bought and you can print the voucher/coupon right from that page.

I purchased a FinditQuick Daily Deal. How do I use it?

Once you make the purchase, you will receive an email  with your printable voucher. Print your voucher and take it with you to the retailer and present it at the time of purchase.

Can I buy a FinditQuick Daily Deal as a gift for someone else?

At this time we don't offer a Gift option.

If I don't use the full value of the coupon in one visit, can I use the remainder later?

No. You will not receive store credit or cash back so be sure to use the full amount of the certificate.

Can I combine my FinditQuick Daily Deal with other offers, coupons or specials?

No. Our deals can't be combined with other offers, coupons or specials.

Is Deals.FinditQuick.com safe?

Yes. Security is a top priority and your credit card number is transmitted by SSL to protect your information.

Also, we do not sell your personal information to third parties for your security.

What happens if my coupon expires?

If your coupon reaches its expiration date it will lose its promotional value but you can still redeem it at the price you paid. This applies for the length of time stated by gift certificate laws in your state.

What if the business offering this deal closes?

This rarely happens. If by chance the business closes before the expiration date on the coupon, we will gladly refund your money.

What is a Hall Of Fame Deal?

FinditQuick works hard to get you the best deals in your area. Sometimes, you may get a second chance to purchase a deal if you miss the first opportunity. We take some of our popular deals and re run them as the Hall Of Fame Deals.

What are the FIQ Bucks/Points?

FIQ Bucks/Points are earned when you refer someone you know to signup for our program. After you earn FIQ Bucks/Points by referring others, you can use these FIQ Bucks/Points towards your next deal purchases. We also give away promotional FIQ Bucks/Points at various fundrasers and special events. You can also earn FIQ Bucks/Points as a reward for using the FinditQuick search engine. We reward you with 5 cents of FIQ bucks for every search you do. (limits apply) and rewards are caculated daily. 

How do I use my FIQ Bucks/Points ?

Make sure you are logged in.... then when you add something to the cart you can use the FIQ Bucks/Points slider bar to the lower left on the cart page to adjust the balance in cart.  If you don't see the FIQ Bucks/Points slider, click on View Cart at the top of the page.

What is the affiliate program?

If you're a hardcore internet user, you can join our affiliate program and use any of our popular tools to advertise our daily deals program. We pay you cash for any sales you generate!  We also send out daily emails and you can earn from simply sharing our deals on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other social networks.