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FINDITQUICK.COM PRIVACY STATEMENT, (hereinafter called “FinditQuick”) respects the rights to privacy of any or all members of our program platforms. is the sole owner of information collected, and will not disclose, sell, or rent this information with others in any way without your written permission. All information collected will be used for the sole purpose of providing better services to you and your account. Please note that we will not be responsible for information collection practices of websites linked to our site in any way. Reviewing privacy policies and information of such sites shall be your sole responsibility.


Information collected may differ depending on the type of account opened with our company. Tracking of ‘cookies’ is used to compile aggregate non-personally identifiable information about the users of A ‘cookie’ is defined as a text-only string that gets entered into the memory of your browser and WILL NOT track personally identifiable information, up to and including credit card information, bank accounts, social security numbers, home address, e-mail address, or any other information of the sort through ‘cookie’ tracking. The IP address used to access our site, domain names, operating systems, browser type, browser language, date, time and the URL used to link to our site are all collected automatically.

When registering for any of our services we may ask for certain personal information to be provided. This information may include your name and address, business name and address, e-mail address, website URL, description and stats, tax information such as WFIN or social security number, paypal address, credit card information, Financial Institution and corresponding information. This information is stored and viewed by FinditQuick and its employees for purposes directly related to you and your account. This information is needed to provide you with the requested services and will not be shared, sold or viewed by anyone other than those mentioned in this statement.


Any/All information will be used for the purpose of serving the needs of our clients. We collect and use personally identifying information for the purposes of account verification, billing, and payments due. Non identifying information that we collect will be used for many purposes. These may include internal and external tracking measures, limited un-authorized use protection, fraud protection, future marketing and promotions efforts, and informative causes.


Your information will be protected by the most up to date encryption technology available. The most current type of encryption is 128 bit SSL. This is used to ensure that any sensitive information collected via the Internet will not be intercepted. All information is stored in your account on dedicated servers, accessed only by and its employees. All our servers are password protected. All service platforms (account platform programs) require double passwords and specifically programmed IP addresses to be accessed. Not all employees have full access to personal information stored. In the event that an employee with full access has been terminated, all access passwords are changed. Personal Information such as credit card information, financial institution, tax information, social security information and FEIN are not stored within the account, but stored on a separate platform as to limit availability of such, either to specific employees, or in the event that the account is accessed by any un-authorized user.


As previously noted, any and all information collected is owned by and will not be sold, shared or rented to anyone. There are some instances in which your personal information may be shared. These instances may include, the hire of technical consultants to test and ensure that our systems and servers are working correctly, and the integrity of such are not compromised. While performing their duties, in some instances, it is possible, that your personal information may be accessed. These consultants are hired through reputable companies, and are prescreened. Credit card information will be processed through Verisign. Your Financial Institution, account number, and beneficiary of account may be shared with our Affiliated financial Institution in the event that a payment will be processed via wire transfer. This information is needed to complete such transactions. Your billing name, address and telephone number may also be shared with our Affiliated Financial Institution for the purpose of payments processed by or deposits of company checks. The Financial Institution used by is a FDIC insured institution.


No information obtained by FinditQuick will be changed without the prior authorization or request of the account holder. If any information is incorrect, and needs to be updated, you can contact your account manager, who will ensure that the information provided is correct, and the most up-to-date information is available. All information in the account is able to be changed, with the exception of the user-name. If the user-name needs to be changed, a new account can be created, and the old account can be cancelled. It is the account holder’s sole responsibility to ensure that all information needed to effectively provide services is up to date and accurate.


The information collected by FinditQuick that has the ability of opting out of, is that of cookie collection. To opt out of collection, access this feature in the ‘tools’ tab of your browser. You can also opt out of any email newsletters you may receive by using the opt out links in the emails.

NOTICE OF CHANGES TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY reserves the right to edit or change this policy at any time, so long as changes are published on our site.

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